Title: “BALADE A` CHEVAL” (Meaning journey made on horseback in French and pronounced

Size: 40” W x 30” H (unframed)  

There is a dream
Of rushing wind
And riding over
The growing green

There is a hope
That rises in the heart
Of flowing manes
And pounding hooves

There is an idea
Of roaming the plain
Just you and your horse
Free and wild

There is a story
Of horses and glory
But now I am awake
And the dream is gone

There is a dream
That I wake up from
That I long to return to
And fly again

Acrylic and metallic paints on heavy French water color paper, veiled in handmade Japanese rice lace bathed in melted beeswax and acrylic polymers, adorned with four 10th-16th century rare Chinese cash coins affixed with religious wax collected from monasteries, resting on 18th century Japanese calligraphy from a store ledger, with wood wrapped insets of contemporary Ikat silk, then bordered with antique Uzbek Suzani embroidery, wrapped at left and right with early 1800s Mongolian embroidery from a horse trapping, top and bottom borders wrapped in late 1800s Tibetan embroidery from a ceremonial garment, then wrapped with late a1800s embroidery from Varanasi India, crowned with late 1800s Chinese bronze lock and key of hand forged horse, resting on a pillow of antique New Mexico turquoise, all mounted onto wooden museum panel, with finished sides in Chinese Yixing plaster relief all copper leafed and acid washed and painted.

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