Title: “PUJA”
(Meaning, “flower offerings” in Sanskrit
and pronounced, “poo-jah”)

Size: 29” W x 31.25” H

In all religions, the believer makes some sort of offering to a higher being. In Buddhism, different offerings are to remind us of concepts that are beacons to the enlightened way. For example, light from a candle erases darkness or ignorance and creates an environment for wisdom and learning. The offering of flowers is two-fold in its meaning. Enjoy what is in the present; the freshness, the perfect beauty and intoxicating fragrance of each flower and petal, and remember what is now is always temporary. Live for the present and enjoy the beauty and wonder that surrounds us all. Namaste.

Acrylic, metallic and fluorescent paints on heavy French watercolor paper, veiled over with hand-made Japanese rice lace, bathed in a mixture of melted archival beeswax and UV-resistant polymers, bordered with insets of washi paper wrapped over gilded archival museum board, with outside border panels of mid-1800’s Tibetan thangka canvas, veiled with contemporary Java silk, adorned at upper right with fragment of a mid-1800’s silk tassel from a Buddhist lama’s crown, accented with pink silk from a late 1800’s Chinese flower shawl then adorned with a Chinese Qing dynasty ornament of an auspicious fish, all mounted onto archival museum board.

Suggested Gallery Retail: $ - Call for pricing
(includes custom designed frame)

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